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How fast does your BAC drop after drinking?

You think that you waited long enough after drinking to be safe to drive. You eat some food and drink a cup of coffee. You feel all right.

Then, as you drive through Las Vegas, a police officer pulls you over. You're not quite sure what you did to warrant the stop, but you do pull over and talk to the officer. They ask you to do some field sobriety tests and then take a breath test. Still thinking you waited long enough that you won't fail, you take the test.

What substances lead to impaired driving abilities?

Driving is a very important duty that you must only take on when you are fully able to pay attention to the road and react appropriately to what is going on around your vehicle. Being impaired by any substance isn't going to allow you to do this.

When you think of impaired driving, you might automatically think of alcohol. This is far from the only substance that can have this impact on your driving abilities. Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and illegal drugs can also affect you to the point where you are unable to safely drive.

6 ways hotels can become safer

Hotel owners need to strive for safety and security at all times, working hard to ensure that their guests do not come to harm or suffer injuries on the premises. This is a tall order, especially at hotels in Las Vegas that handle thousands of guests every month. But it is still necessary.

Below are a few ways that hotel owners can work hard to get safer in 2018 and beyond:

How do you know if you have PTSD after a car accident?

Post-traumatic stress disorder isn't just something that impacts firefighters, police officers and soldiers. They have high-risk jobs where people can die in the line of duty, and the things they see mean their risk level is notably higher than it is for most people. However, anyone can get PTSD by living through a traumatic experience.

For most of us, nothing compares to a car accident. Maybe it's a pedestrian accident, where you step off the curb and hear the screech of the brakes. Maybe it's a bicycle accident, and you never even see the car that hits you from behind. Maybe it's a case where another driver cuts you off at an intersection and your vehicle slams into the side of theirs.

Is an inaccurate arrest always illegal?

You get arrested by the police while in Las Vegas, on suspicion of drug charges. You know that you did nothing wrong the entire time. The police eventually come to the same conclusion and release you, saying that their information was inaccurate.

While they clearly made the wrong arrest, is this actually illegal? It may be, but it may not. It all depends on the specifics of the case. You do have a Fourth Amendment right protecting you from an unreasonable seizure. Whether the arrest was unreasonable or not depends on how it happened.

Why do pedestrian deaths keep going up?

Walking near traffic just keeps getting more and more dangerous. In recent years, pedestrian deaths hit an historic low and then started climbing again.

This goes against many accident trends. If you look back over the decades, fatalities tend to drop and continue dropping. When pedestrian deaths dipped under 4,000 back in 2009, people knew it was a low since the stat started getting kept, but they did not know that it was about to reverse course. It could have gotten even lower in 2010.

Top 10 recreational drugs by usage

While it is true that recreational drug use varies a bit by region, looking at the overall statistics in the United States can be telling. They illustrate what drugs people turn to most often, showing modern trends and helping to shed light on arrest statistics.

Perhaps you have been wondering about drug usage as you plan a trip to Las Vegas. Maybe you know this is a city full of tourists and built around nightlife, and you know that means drug use happens every day. You feel curious about what drugs people choose and what to expect. To help, the following are the top 10 most-used drugs -- both legal and illegal -- in the United States.

The police have limits regarding home searches

The police officer at your door may sound very confident that he or she can do anything at all regarding a home search, but that's not always the case. You have certain protections that limit what the police can actually do within your home. This counts for a house or an apartment.

It is very important to understand some of these limitations. A few key examples include:

5 exceptions to cellphone laws in Nevada

You've never been to Nevada, but it does not take long for you to get pulled over in your rental car after leaving the airport. The officer comes up and tells you that you were talking on your cellphone, and that's illegal here. He mentions that texting and driving is also illegal, and you can only use your phone if you have a hands-free system.

What if you are drunk when you slip and fall?

You spend the weekend in Las Vegas, and most of your time is spent with a drink in your hand. That's why you're here. You came to hit up the casinos, bars and world-famous restaurants. You're here to have a good time and put aside the normal pressures of work and daily life. It's a vacation. Who doesn't drink on vacation?

Unfortunately, you slip and fall while you're in the hotel. You're badly injured and wind up in the hospital. You want to sue for compensation, but you can't deny being drunk at the time of the fall. Are you still able to sue, or is it your own fault for being under the influence?

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