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Animal Attacks

Animal Attack Lawyers in Las Vegas

Assisting Victims of Dog Bites & More in Nevada

Pet owners are responsible for any injuries caused by their pets. This applies to dog and cat owners, as well as people who keep exotic animals such as Burmese pythons as pets. If you or someone you love was hurt by a pet owner’s negligence, speak with an experienced attorney to learn about your rights.

At Christiansen Trial Lawyers, our Las Vegas animal attack attorneys understand the various state and federal laws governing domestic animal attacks. Representing injured clients throughout the Las Vegas area, we are committed to obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Pet Owner Liability Attorney

While dogs and cats are common household pets, their bites can result in serious injuries. Treatment can include expensive medication, reconstructive surgery, and even psychological counseling. If bites become infected, the expenses can increase significantly.

Some people prefer to own exotic animals such as snakes and monkeys as pets. Unfortunately, many pets that are classified as exotic are not meant to be domesticated and can be dangerous. Each state has different laws regarding which exotic animals are legal as pets, and owners must obtain a license.

Our Las Vegas firm assists people suffering injuries caused by pet owners’ negligence. Whether you are dealing with a cat bite or strangulation of a loved one by a neighbor’s pet snake, we can help you hold the careless owner accountable. We will build a strong case in your favor designed to help you obtain maximum compensation for all available damages.

Holding Dog Owners Responsible

A dog bite can have lasting consequences. In addition to the possibility of scarring and disfigurement, some victims suffer emotional trauma which may require extensive counseling. While young children, the elderly, and delivery people are among those at the highest risk for dog bite injuries, anyone is susceptible.

In Nevada, dog owners are obligated to maintain control of their dogs. They are required to restrain their pets and keep them in an enclosed area to prevent dog attacks. However, a victim must prove that an owner was negligent and this carelessness resulted in the injury. Further, the injured individual must prove that the dog was unprovoked at the time of the attack.

Highly experienced with dog bite claims, our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your situation, including any past aggression on the dog’s part. Whether your case involves a dog bite injury to a child or an attack on an adult, we can help. We will work with experts to determine the total cost of past and future treatments, including any potential reconstructive surgery, and pursue compensation for all your losses.

Let Us Help You

At Christiansen Trial Lawyers, our Las Vegas dog bite injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to uncover the facts of your case and pursue legal action against the negligent owners of dogs.

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