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How Does Insurance Work for Uber and Lyft?

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If you experience a crash with a rideshare driver, the aftermath can be complicated. Insurance for rideshares works much differently than you would expect. Periods change depending on the driver’s current status. As such, if you’re in an accident, it’s crucial to recognize the different periods of insurance coverage to know how to move forward.

When the Driver Is Offline

While the driver may work for a rideshare company, they must also have personal insurance. Personal insurance applies for any situation in which the rideshare driver causes a crash when not accepting rides. The amount you may recover is dependent on the policy and coverage limits.

When the Driver Is Waiting for a Passenger

The next period of insurance starts when the driver is online but is waiting for a ride request. In this time, insurance companies may provide coverage for the following:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability

If you’re in a crash with a rideshare driver while they are on duty, the rideshare insurance company may be responsible for paying your damages. You may recover compensation up to the maximum policy limit amounts.

When the Driver Accepts the Ride and Has a Passenger

When a rideshare driver accepts the ride request, the company’s insurance provider coves your losses after a crash. They may have some additional policies as well. You should know that you can have many of your losses covered by rideshare insurance companies when a rideshare driver causes significant harm.

Reporting the crash as soon as possible can help begin the process of pursuing compensation.

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