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man with a broken arm in front of a crashed car

Car Accidents and Catastrophic Injuries

We know that car accidents lead to millions of permanent injuries each year. Unfortunately, some of the most catastrophic injuries can occur because of someone else’s negligence. You deserve to safeguard your rights and pursue maximum compensation for your losses.

In a car accident, your body is subject to severe harm in numerous ways. Below, we will explain how car accidents can lead to long-term damages and what you can do to pursue justice. We will work to help you hold negligent parties accountable to cover the lifetime expenses often associated with catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic injuries in a car accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Wrongful death

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

The crash impact is often enough to cause a person’s brain to jolt and move around within their skull. However, passengers may hit their heads on the vehicle’s frame, dashboard, or other objects in some situations. The physical trauma to the head can cause mild to severe brain damage. The more severe the damage, the longer it can impact your life.

Any type of crash can cause a traumatic brain injury if the impact is strong enough. T-bone collisions are pretty common in causing this type of injury because they cause the passengers to forcefully launch towards one side of the vehicle, slamming their heads in the process.

Spine Injuries

Spine injuries are most often common in rear-end collisions where the impact of the crash comes from the back of the vehicle. The sudden jolt can cause the passengers’ bodies to jerk forward and then backward again rapidly. Unfortunately, this can cause back and neck injuries and damage the spinal cord.

Spine injuries vary in severity, with the worst-case scenarios leading to paralysis. However, you may also experience broken bones, herniated discs, and other problems that require ongoing medical care.

Broken Bones

Severe fractures often occur in car accidents because individuals within the vehicle have the natural reaction to tense up before a crash. For instance, a driver may tighten the muscles in their arms to brace for a crash ahead of them. The tenser you are, though, the more likely you are to experience severe damage.

It’s usually best to relax your body – as difficult as it may sound. Severe fractures can significantly impact your life, making it difficult to recover fully.

Internal Organ Damage

In a crash, bones can break inwards towards internal organs. When this happens, they can puncture them and cause significant internal bleeding. Even internal bruises or other problems can be painful. However, punctures are most often more severe because they can be fatal.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death occurs when someone passes away from their injuries associated with the negligent action. In wrongful death cases, the law allows for specific parties to file a lawsuit on behalf of their lost loved one and pursue compensation. Wrongful death laws can be complicated, so it’s vital to speak with a lawyer about your rights and options.

Experiencing catastrophic harm because of negligence is not easy. You deal with physical, financial, and emotional hardships that make it difficult to go about everyday life. These injuries can significantly reduce your quality of life, so you should work quickly to safeguard your rights.

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