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Should You Trust Insurance Companies After a Car Accident?


A car accident almost always calls for you to file a car insurance claim. Furthermore, if another driver was involved, their insurance company will also get involved.

While your primary focus is your health and making a full recovery, you must also consider the impact of the accident on your finances. And this is why you should become familiar with the insurance claims process.

Making a claim

Shortly after your accident, you’ll contact your insurance company to file a claim. It may be a straightforward process, but that doesn’t mean that it’s simple. This is particularly true when you take into consideration the fact that you can’t trust everything your insurance company says and does.

In short, all insurance companies are in the business of making money. They don’t want to pay out your claim in full. Instead, they want you to “go away” and take as little money as possible while doing so.

Here are some of the issues you could run into:

  • Denying your insurance claim: A simple denial is one tactic your insurance company could use to slow things down. If your claim is denied, regardless of the reason you’re given, don’t stop there. File an appeal and continue to fight for your legal rights.
  • Ignoring the terms and conditions of your policy: The insurance policy that you pay for every month is a contract between you and your insurer. But just because you have a contract doesn’t mean that your insurance company will live up to the terms and conditions laid out within it.
  • Questioning your claim: For instance, your insurance company may question that you were really injured in the accident. When they cast doubt on your claim, it gives them grounds to stand on with respect to denying it.

Rather than trust insurance companies after a car accident, keep a close eye on everything they’re doing. Should you get the feeling that they’re trying to take advantage of you, such as by seeking a way to deny your claim, it’s time to take action.

You deserve to receive the compensations owed to you as outlined by your policy. Don’t stop until you get it.