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Do I Need to Report a Rideshare Accident?

When a rideshare accident occurs, the rideshare driver should report the accident through their app. Unfortunately, several drivers avoid reporting the accident when they can for numerous reasons. As such, it’s vital for anyone else involved in a rideshare to report their crash.

Below, we’ll explain the reasons a rideshare driver may avoid reporting a crash and how you should move forward if you suffer injuries in a crash.

Why Wouldn’t a Rideshare Driver Report a Crash?

One main reason a rideshare driver may avoid reporting a crash is that they fear losing their job. Often, rideshare companies may no longer associate with a driver and remove them from their program.

Unfortunately, many people who suffer harm in a rideshare crash rely on the driver to report the accident instead of reporting it on their own. If the driver doesn’t abide by their duty to do so, the injured party must report the crash. Doing so allows them to seek compensation for their damages.

If the rideshare driver is in a period where their insurance policy is active, they may avoid reporting the crash because they fear increased premiums or losing insurance completely.

To Whom Do You Report the Crash?

In addition to contacting law enforcement following the collision, you can get all of the information about the rideshare driver and report the crash to your lawyer. Providing all valuable information to your lawyer can help you ensure the correct parties know about the collision, which is crucial because insurance coverage changes for rideshare drivers.

Your report may go to the other driver’s private insurance company, your insurance company, and the rideshare company.

At Christiansen Trial Lawyers, we know that rideshare accidents can often be a real challenge to endure. Whether you’re in another vehicle, a passenger in the rideshare, or a pedestrian, report the accident. Injury victims must work hard to hold rideshare drivers accountable when they are distracted and negligent.

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