Defending Against False Sex Crime Allegations

With allegations of sex crimes, often there are only two possible witnesses — the accuser and the accused. This scenario can unfortunately lend itself to false allegations.

However, make no mistake: even if you have been falsely accused of a sex crime in Nevada, it is crucial that you obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Prosecutors often file serious sex crime charges based on little or no physical evidence, and even a false allegation can negatively affect a person’s life for years to come.

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False Allegations Can Be Devastating

Being falsely accused of any crime can have a major impact on your personal life and reputation, but especially if the accusation is sex-related.

Regardless of whether the allegations are true, a sex crime conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence, mandatory registration as a sex offender, drastically limited employment opportunities, and tight restrictions on where you can go and what you can do.

The sooner you seek help from the criminal defense attorneys at Christiansen Law Offices, the sooner we can intervene in your case and start defending your rights and freedom.

These Cases Stem from a Variety of Scenarios

Defending against false allegations requires close scrutiny of the prosecution’s claims. In some cases, it is possible to prevent a charge from even being filed by showing that the prosecution lacks evidence to pursue the charge.

Scenarios that lead false allegations include:

  • After consensual sex, one party claims the sexual activity was not consensual.
  • A parental dispute over child custody leads to allegations that one parent committed child sexual abuse.
  • Someone involved in the case has a financial motive to bring the allegation.
  • A guilty person uses someone else’s computer to commit an internet sex crime.

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