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Casino Floors Present Plenty of Risk for Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Hitting the casino can be a lot of fun, whether you live in Las Vegas or you’ve just come for a vacation or business trip. The potential to win money, as well as those free drinks flowing can make for an enjoyable diversion from daily life. However, the same factors that make casinos a lot of fun for the public can also put visitors at risk for a sudden and potentially serious accident, like a slip-and-fall incident.

When people think of the risks associated with Vegas, they probably think of drinking too much or gambling until they don’t have cab fare back to their hotel or the airport. The casinos themselves can pose a serious risk. Sometimes overly crowded, these sprawling facilities can be difficult to continually maintain. It only takes a single missed spill to create a perfect scenario resulting in both premises liability and personal injury.

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious injuries

Some people scoff at slip-and-fall accidents, thanks, in part, to years of pop culture programming. These people may assume that a slip-and-fall accident isn’t a big deal. In the human world, however, there are usually physical consequences for crashing down to the ground.

For some lucky people, the extent of the injuries resulting from a slip-and-fall are limited to minor bruising and embarrassment. A substantial number of people who experience a slip-and-fall accident, however, will sustain more serious injuries.

One of the most common and potentially most devastating slip-and-fall related injuries is the traumatic brain injury. It is incredibly common for people who lose their balance and fall to hit their heads on the way down.

These incidents can have a profound and lasting impact on their victims, because head injuries can cause permanent issues with everything ranging from motor function and control issues to a change in personality or issues with memory. That means a slip-and-fall could result in a permanent disability that keeps the victim from returning to work after healing.

Casinos practically court slip-and-fall accidents

Spilled liquids are a common cause of slip-and-fall accidents. Given their isolated location in the desert, precipitation and leaks from the ceilings of buildings are less problematic, though pipe damage or failure could result in a dangerous leak. In general, however, the shiny floors and spilled drinks of other gamblers are a major risk for those in casinos.

People who’ve had too much to drink lose coordination. They may not even realize that they caused a spill, which could result in no one on staff knowing to clean it up. If not quickly addressed, that spill poses a risk to you for a slip-and-fall and a risk to the casino as well, since they incur premises liability by failing to properly maintain safe and clean facilities for the public.