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When Is a Casino Liable for a Guest’s Injuries?

When alcohol and gambling are mixed together at a Las Vegas casino, a lot can go wrong. Injuries are more common than you might believe on casino property and these injuries are not always the fault of the victim.

When someone gets hurt, due to no fault of his or her own at a Las Vegas casino, it’s important to determine whether the casino could be liable for the injuries. If sufficient cause exists, the victim could pursue claims to receive financial compensation.

There are a number of circumstances in which a hotel or casino could be financially liable for injuries suffered by a guest. In nearly all of these cases, the hotel will be liable due to the negligence of its owners or managers. Here are three circumstances in which a casino might need to pay for financial damages suffered by the guest:

If the guest slips and falls and suffers a serious injury. After any slip-and-fall injury, it’s vital to examine (1) the severity of the injuries and (2) the events and facts surrounding the fall. If the guest fell because the hotel failed to fix a problem with the carpet or stairs, for example, the hotel will likely be at fault.

Similarly, the hotel could be at fault if the guest fell as a result of inadequate lighting, slippery floors or some other reason that should have been under the control of the hotel.

When guests drown in swimming pools. Many hotels and hotel/casinos feature elegant swimming pools to be enjoyed by the guests. However, casinos and hotels have an obligation to take life-saving measures, provide life-saving equipment, and make an effort to prevent drowning risks. Failure to provide such protections could render a hotel liable in the event of a drowning.

When guests are attacked through rape, sexual assault, and physical violence. Hotels and casinos must provide adequate security to ensure the safety of guests. If a hotel guest is attacked in any way on-premises, the casino or hotel could be liable for the guest’s injuries if the attack happened as a result of a failure to provide adequate security.

Slip-and-fall victims: Know your legal rights

The victims of slip-and-fall accidents in Nevada — no matter where these incidents occurred — may want to learn about their legal rights and options. Such knowledge could prove essential to help the victim pursue money in court to pay for his or her medical care.