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Recovering from My TBI

Determining the recovery process for traumatic brain injuries relies solely on the severity of the injury. Injuries that result in fewer amounts of damage may take weeks to recover fully, whereas when significant damage has been done to the brain, recovery can take years. Sometimes patients are never able to recover the way they would hope.

  • When looking at mild TBI, most victims can recover most of their brain function within three months after the injury occurred. Some may even recover quicker.
  • Like mild TBIs, when looking at moderate brain injuries, most victims can recover most or all of their brain function. However, speech/language therapy, occupation/physical therapy, neurosurgery, social service, and or psychological services may be required.
  • Unlike mild and moderate TBIs, recovery is harder to determine because there are many contributing factors. The severity of the damage, location of trauma, and length of the time the victim was in a coma all play a part in the recovery process for the injury.

Having Successful Recovery

Activating the brain's ability to repair neural connections and reassign functions to other undamaged parts of the brain (also known as neuroplasticity) is the key to successful recovery. Intense repetition of therapeutic activities and exercises is beneficial to neuroplasticity activation. This is why therapy is strongly recommended in the early stages of recovering from TBI.

Feelings of being stuck or that recovery will never happen is normal for TBI victims. It's important that on the more challenging days, victims understand that the only way to recover is to keep going is crucial. If they begin to have doubts or feel like they are experiencing a plateau, getting additional help is recommended.

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