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Why Tourists Get Arrested in Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? No rules, no consequences? Not quite. While tourists might come to Nevada to let loose, it’s not exactly the wild west.

When you go on vacation, you don’t want to spend part of that time in jail, waiting for someone to come get you out. But it still happens. Here are some of the most common reasons tourists get arrested in Las Vegas:

  1. Possession of substances

With the nonstop nightlife of Las Vegas, illegal drugs are common. Marijuana has become legal for recreational use in 2017, but many people are still arrested for the possession and use of other substances.

  1. Prostitution

Nevada’s state laws rule that prostitution can only be made legal in counties with less than 400,000 residents, though it still may not be. This means that it’s illegal in Las Vegas. While escort advertisements and solicitations are common throughout the Strip, you can still be arrested for engaging with them.

  1. Domestic violence

Drug and alcohol abuse skyrockets violent behavior. Las Vegas hotels and casinos have strict rules about aggressive conduct and will likely not tolerate it.

With a reputation for wild behavior, Las Vegas takes extra precautions to make safety a top priority. There is a prevalence of security cameras, police monitoring, and reporting by hospitality staff. Your likelihood of getting arrested in Las Vegas can actually be higher than other vacation spots not only for its rowdiness but also for high security.

If you’re a tourist and you get arrested while visiting Nevada, you should always do your best to stay calm and cooperate with the authorities.