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Preparation Tips for Your Criminal Court Trial

Criminal court is not an easy thing to “handle’ from an emotional perspective. During this potentially nerve-wracking process, you will be prone to agitation, anxiety and fear. This is why you need to get prepared beforehand.

Here are a few things that defendants can do to prepare for a criminal trial:

Visit the alleged scene of the crime

By visiting the alleged scene of the crime, you will recall important facts and information to use during the navigation of your trial proceedings. You may be surprised by how much the physical location triggers your memory of important facts you previously forgot. You might even remember a vital piece of information that helps you obtain a verdict of not guilty.

Write down your version of the facts

Writing down your version of the facts will help you organize your thoughts from memory into cohesive statements that are easier for others to understand. Writing things down will also help you establish the natural order of the events that happened, which will help you convey your story to others. Your attorney can help you commit your memory to write by asking important questions to fill in the blanks you may not have covered.

Practicing mock interviews with your defense attorney

No matter what the question, nervousness caused by the implications of a criminal trial can result in stutters and confusion when giving your responses. In fact, it’s not unheard of for defendants to get so nervous that they draw a mental blank and they aren’t able to speak a single word.

A mock interview is a great way to eliminate nervousness by remembering your defense theory, and the facts you’ll use to answer questions pertaining to your case. By practicing with your attorney in a mock interview, you’ll get familiar with how to answer various questions calmly and confidently.

Do you need to prepare for criminal trial?

Preparing for a criminal trial is easier when you know what to expect beforehand. Therefore, you should take the time to review the rules that govern criminal proceedings in Nevada well in advance of your final trial date.