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Hit-and-Run Accident Leaves Pedestrian in Critical Condition


Like many people who visit Las Vegas, you may spend an entire day walking along South Las Vegas Boulevard. The Strip has multiple casinos, hotels, and shops to visit. And with the number of visitors and performers on the street, you can spend most of your day walking along the sidewalk and people-watching.

However, in addition to the high number of pedestrians, the boulevard can get heavy with vehicle traffic. And when cars and people fight for space, pedestrians can end up with severe injuries. A 52-year-old man trying to cross the road recently ended up in critical condition when a car hit him and then sped off.

The accident threatened the pedestrian’s life

The pedestrian was crossing the road near the Wynn casino when a car tried to speed through a yellow light. The vehicle hit the man, throwing him through the air. Without stopping, the driver sped off, leaving the man in the street. After responding to the scene, paramedics brought the man to a local hospital. He suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash.

Cars can cause severe injury to pedestrians

In accidents between pedestrians and cars, the heavier vehicle will always win. And injuries sustained by pedestrians can often be severe. The man involved in the accident faces an extended stay in the hospital and high medical bills. If he recovers, there may be permanent damage that will require lifelong treatment.

Walking the Strip can mean sharing the road with vehicles

When you vacation in Las Vegas, you hope to have a fun time walking the Strip and seeing all the sights. While many elevated walkways let you avoid traffic, you may find yourself in front of a casino exit or in a busy crosswalk. Taking necessary precautions when sharing the road with cars may help you avoid a serious accident.