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Las Vegas Roads Made Less Safe by Drunk and Distracted Drivers

The tourism board for Las Vegas likes to tell people that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t always the case. All too often, visitors to this beautiful city may wind up severely hurt through the wrongful actions of another person. The end result can be a mistake from Vegas that haunts someone for years.

The debauchery and gambling that are so popular on the strip also lend themselves to bad decisions by drivers headed home after all of the fun. Drunk drivers and distracted drivers both pose a significant threat to anyone traveling in Las Vegas, whether they are driving or walking on foot to the next casino on their agenda.

Casino culture makes drunk driving a real risk in Vegas

The casinos want people to feel comfortable and loosened up, so drinks are constantly flowing around. Patrons often don’t even need to pay for the drinks they enjoy while playing cards or hitting the slots. Provided that the people enjoying them either stay at the tables until the alcohol is out of their systems or walk to a nearby hotel, there is no risk in that overindulgence.

However, when those patrons later decide to operate a vehicle, the risk to everyone on the road goes up. Anytime you cross the street or drive on a public road in Vegas, there is the potential risk for a drunk driver to cross paths with you as you explore Sin City. Pedestrians, in particular, have increased risk in recent years.

Many times, the end result may be nothing more than a momentary fright if they swerve into your lane. Other times, a drunk driver can cause a tragic accident that derails your vacation and leaves you with injuries and expenses.

People on vacation may rely on their phones too much at the wheel

Navigating Vegas, connecting with family members and even making reservations at a popular restaurant all take focus away from the road. Many tourists, just like locals, choose to multitask while operating a motor vehicle in the Las Vegas streets. They may hope to handle the details of their trip before arriving at their destination. All too often, managing a phone instead of a vehicle can result in a serious collision that was otherwise preventable.

If you experience a serious motor vehicle accident that resulted in major property damage and serious injuries while visiting Las Vegas, it’s important to determine the cause of the crash. If the other driver is responsible for the collision, you definitely need to explore whether alcohol or distraction played a role in the collision. If so, you may have the legal right to hold the other driver accountable for your financial losses in the wake of the crash.