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6 Ways Hotels Can Become Safer

Hotel owners need to strive for safety and security at all times, working hard to ensure that their guests do not come to harm or suffer injuries on the premises. This is a tall order, especially at hotels in Las Vegas that handle thousands of guests every month. But it is still necessary.

Below are a few ways that hotel owners can work hard to get safer in 2018 and beyond:

1. Engage with guests. Have staff talk to them and greet them when they arrive. Give them contacts so that they know whom to talk to if they do find an issue. A guest who does not know where to turn may ignore something they consider minor — like a loose railing on a balcony — but it could become very serious if it breaks. Guests who have these contacts are quicker to report problems and workers can make repairs before an accident.

2. Update basic security measures frequently. This means changing out old or outdated locks for new ones. It means considering modern advancements that make card-based lock systems safer. It means constantly checking the rooms to make sure that windows and doors all have the proper locks and that they are all fully functional.

3. Use computerized security. Older systems just had cameras and television screens. These can help as long as someone is stationed in front of the screens all the time. New systems use software that looks for potential problems and changes in routine. It can then alert security staff to anything unexpected.

4. Hire the best possible staff. Rather than just considering the price, think about what it costs to get the best security company and the best in-house staff. Look for people who have experience and who value excellence. Never hire anyone you can’t trust.

5. Give your employees as much power to make decisions as you can. Allow them to respond quickly to anything that may be a risk. Make them feel like they are almost part-owners of the hotel. You want them to value this job as more than a paycheck.

6. Always look for new ways to improve. Never assume that something is good enough just because that is the way it has always been. For instance, consider ways to provide better lighting near emergency exits or in parking structures. Watch for technological advancements that could take the hotel’s safety to the next level. Implement new ideas and new systems so that you constantly offer guests a better service.

Are you a guest who got injured at a hotel, perhaps because the owner ignored the tips listed above? If so, make sure you know all of the legal rights you may have to seek out financial compensation.