Burn Injuries

If a loved one is recovering from massive burn injuries after an accident, you likely have many questions about the current and future medical care that will be necessary and how your family will pay for the necessary treatment. Financial concerns are especially critical when the person suffering from burn injuries was the primary wage earner for the household – not only have the medical bills been piling up, the routine household expenses have also been neglected since the accident.

The most important thing for you and your family to focus on after a serious accident is recovery. Our personal injury trial attorneys at the Christiansen Law Offices enable burn injury victims and their families to focus on what is important while we concentrate on the legal aspects of filing a personal injury claim. We strive to alleviate our client’s financial worries related to burn treatment and recovery. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation about how we can help you.

Pursuing Compensation for Burn Injury Treatment

Second degree and third degree burns require specialized medical treatment from a regional burn center or other treatment facility. Expensive burn treatment, such as skin grafts or plastic surgery may be necessary to replace or repair damaged skin tissue and reduce scarring. In addition, the most severe burn injuries can cause limited range of motion, particularly if the affected area encompasses the shoulder, elbow, or hand, for example. Additional surgical treatment as well as physical therapy may be effective in increasing mobility in areas of damaged skin tissue.

Even with all the available burn injury treatments, pain management medication is necessary for many burn victims. The psychological impact of surviving a tragic accident as well as the turmoil caused by scarring and disfigurement may require long-term counseling for burn victims.

Our attorneys have a long-standing reputation for our compassion and dedication to our clients. We comprehend that anguish our clients have gone through and continue to endure. We take sincere interest in pursuing full, rightful compensation for all of their needs, including physical and emotional burn treatment, loss of income, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other damages.

Types of Accidents Causing Burn Injuries

Devastating burn injuries can result from defective equipment that malfunctions, electrical fires, and from a fire or explosion caused by the sheer impact of a car accident or commercial vehicle accident. Our personal injury practice encompasses virtually any type of serious accident. Some of the accidents that more commonly result in severe burn injuries include:

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