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Trial Representation

The results in a personal injury or criminal defense case vary immensely and are directly related to the style of legal representation provided. Some lawyers will tell clients what they want to hear – whether it is honest and straightforward or not. Some lawyers will advise clients to accept a settlement offer or plea bargain without considering pursuing a more favorable outcome at trial. Other lawyers provide their clients with quality legal representation throughout the case, but simply do not possess the experience, skill, resources, or capacity to serve their client’s best interests when the case proceeds to trial. Clients of Christiansen Trial Lawyers can expect to receive the kind of legal representation they need – whether the case is resolved through productive negotiations with the adversary or through effective representation at trial.

Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Trial Representation

Very few Nevada law firms possess the trial experience that Christiansen Trial Lawyers has acquired over the last 50 years. Our attorney Peter S. Christiansen has represented clients in state and federal courts in Nevada since 1994 and has taken hundreds of personal injury and criminal defense cases to trial. He has a reputation for his dedication to protecting his client’s interests and has obtained a track record of success in high-profile serious injury and criminal law cases.

Federal Criminal Cases | Christiansen Trial Lawyers

A Successful Trial Lawyer in Your Corner

Peter S. Christiansen has repeatedly been selected by injured tourists, families dealing with the wrongful death of another, defendants facing serious criminal charges, and even other attorneys to provide first-class trial representation in personal injury or criminal defense cases in Las Vegas.

In hiring a trusted, experienced trial attorney, clients of our law firm have benefited from:

  • Determination: We are ready, willing, and able to proceed to trial. We have a genuine concern for our client’s interests and are truly committed to preserving them. If a more favorable result can be achieved through trial, clients can be assured we have what it takes to move forward.
  • Preparation: We strive to be twice as prepared as the other side. We attribute much of our success in personal injury and criminal trials to our ability to thoroughly prepare each case for trial. Our ability to anticipate the other side enables us to better prepare counteractive measures and obtain more favorable results at trial – whether that means recovering maximum compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death case, or receiving an acquittal, reduction of charges, or dismissal of the case in criminal defense matters.
  • Las Vegas trial experience: In handling jury trials throughout Las Vegas, we know the judges, district attorneys, insurance company representatives, and other key players in personal injury litigation and criminal trials. We know the courts and we know what it takes to win at trial.

No attorney can guarantee that past results will predict the outcome of a similar case. However, past results are contemplated by the opposition. Whether representing the plaintiff or defendant, a good attorney will always prepare for what the other side will bring to the table. When the prosecution, insurance adjuster, or counsel for a big company is conscious of what they are up against in facing Christiansen Trial Lawyers in a criminal or personal injury matter, they are more willing to listen and negotiate on favorable terms. If the other side knows we have beaten them in the past, they know we can beat them again.

When you are going up against the government, an insurance company, or a corporate America company, you may be overwhelmed by with the time, money, and resources available to their legal team. It is imperative to hire a lawyer who can combat such power.

Gain the Legal Edge

Clients come to us in many circumstances – when they need quality representation throughout their case, when they have realized an existing attorney is inadequate and even when they are representing a client and have decided to seek co-counsel or extend a referral for representation at trial. Discuss how we can help in your situation by contacting us online or by phone at (702) 357-9977. We offer free initial consultations at your convenience.

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