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Managing Your Spinal Cord Injury: Do's and Don'ts

Living with a spinal cord injury can be a challenging experience, but managing your injury correctly can help keep your condition from worsening or reoccurring. Knowing what you can and can't do is vital in managing your injury and ensuring optimal health. Although it may be overwhelming, managing your injury can be easier than you think when you understand what you should and should not be doing. Your doctor should provide you with specific do's and don'ts for your injury, but generally speaking, SCI victims should:

Do Get Adequate Rest

Resting is vital for your recovery. You need rest in order for your body to have time to heal itself—so make sure you prioritize getting enough sleep every night and taking breaks throughout the day as needed. Listen to your body; if it tells you it needs a break, take one. This will help ensure that your healing process continues along smoothly.

Do Work With An Attorney

Working with an experienced attorney can help ensure that victims of spinal cord injuries get the compensation they deserve so they can focus on their recovery without worrying about any financial stressors. Experienced attorneys know how to navigate the legal system and understand how best to help their clients receive fair compensation for their losses. Don't hesitate. Get help from an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Don't Overwork Yourself

While rest is important, overworking yourself can be just as detrimental as not getting enough rest. Make sure you don't overexert yourself by trying to do too much too soon—this could cause a setback in the healing process or even cause further harm. Know when it is time to stop working and give yourself a break.

Managing your spinal cord injury isn't easy, but by doing these things, spinal cord injuries can reach full recovery faster.

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