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How Casinos Can Increase the Risk of a Patron Slipping and Falling

Despite the now cliché slogan for the city, sometimes what happens in Vegas follows you home. Especially if you get hurt while vacationing in Vegas, you might have a souvenir that has a much more negative long-term impact than some gambling losses.

Tourists get hurt all the time when visiting new places. Sometimes, they cause car crashes when they have to check a navigation program instead of watching the road. Other times, they get hurt through no fault of their own. Slipping and falling at a casino is a perfect example of a potentially serious incident someone could suffer at a casino that is not their personal fault.

How do casinos increase the risk of their patrons and visitors getting hurt on their premises?

Free drinks for everyone comes with consequences

Keeping the liquor flowing can keep the mood celebratory and the visitors eager to keep trying their luck at the slots or tables. Unfortunately, a lot of alcohol can lead to other issues. It might increase the likelihood of patrons getting into fights. It also affects their agility and ability to safely maneuver crowded gaming floors.

Additionally, people sitting around nursing a single drink don’t even have to be drunk to throw their arms up in the excitement and spill their drink all over if they suddenly hit a minor jackpot on their slot machine. Even wet carpets may have less traction on your shoes, which is a bigger issue for those who are wearing fancy footwear and not street clothing.

Between the effects of alcohol on your motor skills, the potential for someone to crash into you, and the possibility of a spill, all of that alcohol can increase your likelihood of slipping and falling.

Staff members are more focused on casino security than customer safety

Casinos are a potential hotspot for injury risks, but the people monitoring the crowds on the payroll of the casino probably care more about catching potential card counters or cooperative gambling out to beat the system than they do about watching individual patrons make sure they don’t get hurt.

If you slip and fall while visiting a Las Vegas casino, the issues that you experienced could quickly spiral out of control. The medical care that you received might get out of network, meaning that you have little or no insurance coverage at all. You may not be able to travel home as planned, which might mean that you incur the cost of additional accommodation and the new plane ticket. There will also be lost wages to consider if you don’t get home in time to get back on the job as planned.

Those hurt while traveling sometimes have the right to bring personal injury claims against unsafe facilities if negligent maintenance or improper cleaning practices caused their injury.