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Accepting an Ambulance Could Be the Ride of Your Life

You may think there isn’t much reason to climb into the back of an ambulance after your accident –nothing hurts too bad, there’re no visible injuries and you can drive yourself later if you must. You might not be in pain now, but that line of thinking could cause a lot of hurt in the future.

There are actually a few reasons you should let the paramedics help you into the ambulance when it arrives. It’s a decision that might save your life, and make sure you’re not hurting physically and financially later down the line.

Ambulating quickly

Getting into an accident can be traumatic, and it can easily cloud your judgment. Just remember there are a few reasons to lean on the ambulance for support:

  • Injuries: Injuries you suffer may not immediately reveal their severity. Adrenaline can hide bodily harm for up to an hour, disguising serious problems like internal bleeding and oxygen deprivation. Ensure you get the fast care you need with professional assistance in the back of an ambulance that has the fast lane to the hospital.
  • Priorities: Leave it to the experts to know what hospital you need to visit. Different facilities have different specialties, like heart problems or head traumas, or maybe the first hospital you want to head to is the furthest away.
  • Costs: If you hesitate because of the price tag, remember that delayed hospital bills could dwarf the costs of immediate treatments. Your insurance may also cover your ride to the hospital, or the trip could be considered recoverable damages in a lawsuit.
  • Claims: The use of an ambulance could imply a severity that you could use in your favor. Immediate treatment can provide a link between the mishap and your injuries while avoiding the issues could leave a disconnect between cause and effect. Turning down an ambulance may also cast doubt on the severity of your injuries.

Healing injuries, preventing further health issues, and preparing a claim mean a lift in an ambulance could be the answer to your concerns. No matter what caused your accident, make sure you get the care you need.