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Criminal charges have the potential to derail the course of your life, resulting in lengthy sentences, costly fines and a record that will follow you far into the future. You cannot afford to trust your case to inexperience or an attorney unable to handle the charges you face.

At Eglet Wall Christiansen, our team of attorneys provides clients with a staggering sum of collective experience, drawing upon the knowledge of former prosecutors, former judges and regarded trial lawyers. No matter the allegations you face, we have the resources and skill to confront those charges and achieve the best possible outcome.

Henderson DUI Lawyer — Experience In Criminal Defense That You Can Trust

Our team works to minimize the charges against you, drawing from sound relationships that we have established with prosecutors over decades of working in the courtroom and defending clients. We will thoroughly investigate the charges against you, evaluating what will stick and what can be brought down. From there, we will apply the right members of our team with the specific strengths and skills to achieve results. You will always be provided an honest understanding of where your case stands and what can be done to best protect your interests and your future.

We represent clients in a criminal law matters, including white collar crimes, fraud charges, drug crimes, federal crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, juvenile crimes and probation violations.

We are also regarded for our experience in DUI and drunk driving defense. These charges can drain your resources and limit your freedom for years if not handled correctly.

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