Bad Checks

Writing a bad check is an offense taken very seriously by Nevada judges and prosecutors. If charged with this crime, you may face steep fines and prison time. A conviction could put your job, your professional license and your reputation at risk.

At Christiansen Law Offices, we have over 65 years of combined experience defending clients against charges of bad check writing, forgery, casino marker default and other white collar crimes. We will put our skill and experience in criminal defense law to work for you.

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Nevada Bad Check Laws

When a person writes a check and knows that there are not sufficient funds to cover that check, it is a criminal offense. The severity of the punishment depends on the amount of the check and the circumstances of the crime.

In Nevada, casino marker default is also considered writing a bad check. If you have received a notice from the District Attorney’s office for any of these offenses, it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating with prosecutors as well as standing up for our clients’ rights at trial. In some situations, a plea bargain is the best alternative for our clients. In other cases, we will fight for acquittal by jury. We will work with you closely to ascertain your legal goals and devise a legal strategy that suits your particular needs.

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