Trucking Company Negligence

In the pursuit of profit, trucking companies sometimes skirt regulations and cut corners on safety. This type of negligence can lead to trucking accidents and leave innocent victims with serious personal injuries.

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What Caused Your Truck Accident?

Trucking companies must abide by federal laws governing interstate traffic. These laws cover a wide range of topics relevant to trucking company negligence, including:

  • Hiring practices: Trucking companies must perform due diligence in the hiring of drivers, ensuring they are licensed and trained to operate large trucks.
  • Maintenance: There are strict regulations and procedures in place for the inspection and maintenance of 18-wheelers and other large trucks. Failure to comply with these laws puts truck drivers and other motorists at risk.
  • Driver fatigue: Trucking companies cannot overwork their drivers or force them to drive without adequate sleep.
  • Weight limits: An overloaded truck is a highway hazard. It is more difficult to steer, brake and make other driving maneuvers in a truck that is over the legal weight limit.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the laws governing interstate commercial traffic. We are prepared to investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine causation and liability. Helping you obtain financial compensation for your losses is our highest priority.

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