Truck Driver Fatigue

To safely operate an 18-wheeler or other large truck, drivers must be alert. When drivers push their bodies past their natural limits to make deadlines and increase profits, the lives of others on the road are put at risk.

At the Christiansen Law Offices, we help people who have been injured in truck accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury due to driver fatigue, we are here to stand up for your rights.

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Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorneys

Federal regulations limit the number of hours a truck driver can work. When these regulations are violated, overworked, stressed and tired drivers put innocent lives at risk.

Without enough rest, a truck driver may not be able to react in time to a hazard in the road. Seriously overworked drivers may fall asleep at the wheel. In some cases, drivers resort to drug use to push themselves through a shift, a practice that is also extremely dangerous.

In investigating a truck accident case, we may seek evidence in driver log books, electronic on-board recorders, GPS devices, hotel receipts, cell phone logs and other sources that give us information about the hours the truck was in service. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling truck accident cases and know how to win results for accident injury victims.

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