Helicopter Aviation Accidents

Helicopter and air tour companies carry thousands of passengers each year in sightseeing flights of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas Strip, and other destinations. While the helicopter tour business is a booming industry in Las Vegas, it has experienced several incidents of air disasters.

When a family member is killed in a helicopter crash, it is difficult to know where to turn and how to cope. A settlement offer may be made by the charter company or sightseeing tour company. However, it is important to consult with an experienced wrongful death lawyer before signing anything proposed in a settlement offer.

Additionally, when you have suffered burn injuries covering your body, amputation of a limb, or any other catastrophic injury in a helicopter crash, it is equally important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney before simply accepting what the tour company has to say or offer.

What Went Wrong in the Sightseeing Tour?

When a sightseeing aircraft crashes mid-flight, the family of the victims is left to put the pieces of their life back together while the FAA and NTSB search for answers about the crash. Common factors revealed from helicopter crash and aviation accident investigations involve:

  • Poor maintenance: maintenance errors, failure to perform maintenance checks, and other maintenance issues leading to helicopter malfunctions
  • Poor training: negligent hiring and training practices leading to inexperienced pilots who are more susceptible to pilot error, such as flying into no-fly zones in the Grand Canyon
  • Defective aircraft: poor design, engineering defects and defective parts can lead to problems in a routine flight or when the pilot attempts to maneuver in difficult conditions
  • Pilot negligence: failing to follow procedure, inattention, and pilot error

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