How to Report a Claim

When You Suspect Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse

The United States Congress passed laws instructing each state to develop regulations designed to protect nursing home residents from negligence and abuse. Care facilities are legally required to follow these regulations. Failure to do so can have serious physical and emotional consequences for residents.

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Steps to Take

If you notice signs of nursing home mistreatment, it is important that officials are made aware of the situation. If the victim is physically and mentally able to report the negligence or abuse, then he or she may file a claim. If not, you or any family member can file a claim on the resident’s behalf. Speak with our lawyers immediately to learn about your rights and help you seek compensation for the mistreatment.

Victims of nursing home abuse or negligence are vulnerable to retaliation or potential cover-ups. Therefore, even if you do not feel your loved one is in imminent danger, it is advisable to move him or her to another facility to prevent further problems.

Let Us Help You

Each state has specific laws – which include criminal penalties – to protect the elderly and other vulnerable individuals from nursing home negligence. As with any type of abuse, the only way to prevent further mistreatment from a worker, nurse or other party is to stop it immediately.

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