Unsafe Lane Changes in Front of a Motorcycle

Start seeing motorcycles! Nowhere is this more important when making lane changes on a busy road or highway. Hitting a car during a lane change may only result in structural damage to the vehicle. Hitting a motorcyclist can cause permanent injuries or death.

If you or someone you love was injured when someone hit your motorcycle during a lane change, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

At Christiansen Law Offices, we understand the dangers that motorcyclists face every day. Even with the proper safety gear – helmet, protective clothing, headlight – they are still vulnerable to motorists weaving in and out of traffic. We are committed to standing up for injured motorcyclists and helping them recover full and fair financial damages. Contact our law firm today online or by telephone at 702-570-9262 to speak with a knowledgeable Nevada personal injury attorney.

Las Vegas Attorneys Investigating the Cause of Your Motorcycle Accident

Because motorcyclists are virtually unprotected, even bumping a motorcycle at low speeds can cause the rider to fly off. Weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off a motorcyclist, and failing to watch carefully when merging from a highway ramp are particularly dangerous.

We will thoroughly investigate the cause of your motorcycle accident. We do not accept excuses for injuring or killing motorcycle riders. We will do everything we can to make sure the responsible party is held liable, including taking your case to trial if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement.

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Were you injured in Las Vegas because someone made an unsafe lane change? Accident lawyers at Christiansen Law Offices can help. Contact our Las Vegas law firm today online or by telephone at 702-570-9262 to meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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