DUI Multiple Offenses

What little leniency the court shows to first-time DUI (DWI or drunk driving) offenders, it shows much less for those convicted a second or third time. If you have been charged with multiple DUI offenses, it is important to have an experienced defense attorney by your side.

At Christiansen Law Offices, we have successfully defended numerous clients facing their second or third drunk driving charge. Below, we will outline some of the penalties you may face for a second, third or subsequent DUI conviction.

Second-time DUI offenders face:

  • From ten days to six months in jail
  • Fines ranging from $675 to $1175
  • Loss of license for one year
  • Community service, mandatory treatment programs and other penalties at the court’s discretion

Third-time DUI offenders face:

  • From one to six years in Nevada State prison
  • Fines ranging from $2000 to $5000
  • Loss of license for three years
  • Installation of breath interlock device (breath test that must be taken every time you start your car)

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