Defective Medical Devices

Innovative medical devices have improved and saved the lives of many patients over the past several years. When properly tested and implanted, these devices can add years to a person’s life. However, when a surgical error or defective device forces a patient to undergo further treatment or causes injury or even death, the results can be heartbreaking for the individual and his or her entire family.

At Christiansen Law Offices, our attorneys are prepared to use their 50 years of combined legal experience to help clients in the Las Vegas area hold the negligent parties responsible for damage caused by defective medical devices. Contact us today online or by telephone at 702-570-9262 to speak with a skilled Nevada attorney.

Injuries and Defective Devices

Our law firm handles cases involving a wide range of defective medical devices, including:

  • Stimulator implants that malfunction
  • Faulty stints
  • Pacemakers that leak or accelerate the heartbeat
  • Defective knee, hip and joint replacements
  • Malfunctioning defibrillators
  • Other devices

Our lawyers consult with experts, including design engineers, medical specialists and other professionals, to expose design and manufacturing problems that result in medical device failures and hold the manufacturer responsible. If the device was incorrectly implanted, we can pursue medical malpractice action against the responsible medical professional. In all cases, our attorneys work with economists to accurately determine the life-long cost of the injury or fatality to our clients.

Let Us Help You

When a life depends on a medical device, there is no room for error. Whether your case involves product liability or medical error, our Las Vegas defective medical devices attorneys will carefully review your situation and help you and your family hold the negligent parties accountable. Contact us online or call 702-570-9262 to discuss your case with our experienced lawyers.

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