Defective Products

A dangerous product can cause serious injury or wrongful death to innocent consumers who use it. Especially dangerous are defective auto parts, since malfunctioning equipment can lead to accidents on the road and off.

At Christiansen Law Offices, we help people who have been injured by defective auto products. We can help you seek compensation for the injuries and other losses you have suffered due to this dangerous product.

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Defective Auto Products

Auto manufacturers are responsible for manufacturing products that are safe to the public. All too often, however, they fail to meet this obligation by rushing products into the marketplace with inadequate testing. Pursuing an auto product liability case is important in protecting your own rights, as well as holding negligent auto manufacturers to account and protecting future consumers.

We handle a wide range of products liability lawsuits, including those involving:

Having successfully represented clients in product liability lawsuits, our lawyers are prepared to guide you through the legal process. We will collect evidence that supports your claim, including testimony from expert witnesses in engineering, auto design and other relevant fields. Our attorneys are experienced legal advocates who know how to prepare cases for trial and effectively present them to juries when necessary.

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