Asset Forfeiture

If the government believes you possess assets that were the proceeds of a crime, or were used to fund criminal activity, it may attempt to seize them through asset forfeiture.

At Christiansen Law Offices, we represent people who are facing asset forfeiture actions by the state or federal government. We can help you mount an effective criminal defense while helping you keep ownership of your personal property.

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Asset Forfeiture and Criminal Defense

Asset forfeiture is typically used by the government in drug crime cases, but also can be used in racketeering cases and other criminal offenses. Any assets connected with criminal activity are subject to forfeiture, including cars used to transport drugs and money derived from drug sales and other criminal activities.

Before seizing your property, the government must establish probable cause that your property is subject to forfeiture. Since these are typically civil proceedings, the burden of proof is lower than in a criminal case. You must only prove “on a preponderance of the evidence” that your property is not subject to forfeiture.

Our lawyers can represent you in civil court, handling all aspects of your asset forfeiture defense. We can also represent you in the criminal proceedings. Our goal is protecting you from the actions of the government, helping you keep your property and your freedom.

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