Whether it is regular maintenance, correcting faulty construction or repairing a pavement buckle due to the extreme Nevada heat, work zones are ubiquitous. From highways to city streets, navigating a road construction zone can present unique hazards and a dangerous setting for many drivers. Is it possible to stay safe while navigating these areas?

The work zone can typically be categorized in three ways: pre-zone, zone and post-zone. In the pre-zone, drivers must remain aware of changing speed limits, lane shifts, upcoming merges and the loss of a road shoulder. While in the work zone, drivers must always maintain a safe following distance. In addition, it is crucial to avoid any type of distraction. Phone conversations, eating, talking to passengers, texting or any other activity that could remove focus from the road should be avoided at all costs. While driving through a construction zone, careful attention is at a premium.

When exiting a work zone, the post-zone area, drivers must again pay attention to their surroundings. Some vehicles will likely aggressively change lanes or increase acceleration to return to a pre-zone speed. Many times, these actions can be considered reckless. By remaining hyper-vigilant as traffic patterns return to normal, a driver can prevent vehicle collisions.

Three tips to remember in a work zone:

  1. Always maintain a proper following distance to account for sudden stops or unexplained slow-downs.
  2. Avoid any type of driving distraction.
  3. If you make a lane change in any of the three areas, it is wise to turn your head and look to clear your blind spots rather than relying on mirrors or your vehicle’s safety features.

If you were in a motor vehicle collision while driving through a work zone, it is wise to contact an attorney who can answer your questions and provide the guidance you need.