A few days ago, USA Today with a sobering headline: “Without tourists, Las Vegas is struggling to survive coronavirus shutdown.” The article included grim details about silent and empty resorts, still fountains and mostly deserted streets.

Among the vehicles in the sparse traffic are those in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s DUI strike team. And the men and women in those cruisers are apparently not idle.

According to a Channel 3 news report, the drunk driving enforcement team has made more than 150 arrests for drunk driving during the pandemic.  In a LVMPD video from the team, members say that impaired drivers are still driving Las Vegas streets despite Gov. Steve Sisolak’s shelter-at-home order.

In the video, people who have consumed either alcohol or marijuana (or both) are urged to stay out of their vehicles and off of the roads.

DMV warning

On its website, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles runs down a list of the state’s harsh punishments that can be in store for anyone convicted of driving under the influence, including the following:

  • Jail time: possible sentences range from two days to up to six months
  • Fines: ranging from $400 to $1,000
  • Chemical test: carries a fee of $60
  • Mandated attendance: you’ll be required to attend DUI school or substance abuse treatment
  • Ignition interlock device: you can be required to install one in your vehicle (at your expense)
  • Revocation: your driver’s license can be revoked
  • License reinstatement: $121 fee, though driver’s license reinstatement is not automatic
  • SR-22: you will have to get a Certificate of Liability Insurance for three years

It should be noted that the SR-22 Certificate of Liability Insurance will typically result in significantly higher auto insurance premiums. In addition, there is not only an installation fee for an ignition interlock device is up to $150, but a monthly monitoring and calibration fee that usually runs about $60 to $90.

If you face these fees, harsh punishments and the loss of your driving privileges or even your freedom, contact a Las Vegas attorney experienced in effective DUI defense.