While there is significantly less traffic on the roads these days, the threat of being involved in a serious car accident is always present. By following the five tips below, you can help ensure safety on the road for you and your fellow passengers.

1. Don’t become complacent

With traffic fatalities down by nearly half from March of last year, it can be easy to let your guard down. However, you should still devote your full attention to your surroundings. Maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles and watch your speed.

2. Don’t multitask

Every driver thinks that they are good enough to perform multiple tasks while behind the wheel. The fact is, distracted driving accidents happen all of the time. Stow your electronics and wait to have a meal once you are outside of your car.

3. Don’t drink and drive

It may be stating the obvious, but drunk driving is a problem that never goes away. It can be easy to think that you’re fine to drive after having a couple of drinks. However, even if you are below the legal limit for driving, alcohol can still slow your reaction time and result in a serious car accident.

4. Secure your cargo

The last thing you want is for items to go rolling around on the floor of your car while you are driving. Properly secure any loose items. If something does fall on the floor, wait until you are at your destination to retrieve the item.

5. Keep your vehicle in good operating condition

Perform routine maintenance on your vehicle. Ensure your tires are properly inflated, your oil is regularly changed, and your windshield washer fluid is full. If your vehicle starts to act up, get it checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible.

Stay safe out there

Accidents happen. However, by taking some basic steps, you can help reduce the risk of suffering a severe injury in a car accident.